IMM articulation keys for 3D printing


UPDATE: Now with .stl file! Please pay attention to the multiple components of each hinge.

Use these keys to ensure that your 3D printed parts will fit together properly. The two sets include a a square key, round key, rotating snap-in pin and static snap in pin. The articulation keys include a hinge, and a balljoint! All keys come with a male and female part.

zBrush: To install, bring the files into Program Files > Pixologic > zStartup > Brush Presets. Once in zBrush, click on your brush, click Load Brush and open the files! I will be making a zBrush tutorial soon on how to install the keys on your models, but for now I will try to explain: Once they have been installed as an IMM brush, select the brush and click M to open the selection menu to choose which key to use. Select the subtool you want to be male. On the surface you wish to place the key, drag to draw out the shape. It will automatically mask the subtool but not the key. I adjust it a little bit down to intersect the model (the actual male piece is hidden inside the female part, so make sure it is intersected with the model) Clear the mask and group split. With the basic keys you should get 3 parts...the original subtool, the male key piece and the female key piece. For the male key, you can just dynamesh it, and CTRL+W after to make it one polygroup. For the female key part: in the subtools, you will see the circle symbol is highlighted to the right of the circle icon next to the right of that....if that makes sense. Next go to polygroup, and group as dynamesh sub Next, merge the piece you want to cut the key out of, down into the female key piece. Then just dynamesh and it will be cut out! I hope that helps, feel free to ask questions.

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